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This woman empowers many women and earns crores

This woman empowers many women and earns crores

Many people want to change the world. But, this woman believes in the concept that you have to change yourself to change the world.

Anamika Pandey, the founder of Naario, is empowering many women across the country.  This 24-year-old engineer from Uttar Pradesh quit her bright career to launch a food startup, Naario.

Naario is the first woman-led startup in the county. Anamika started her venture in early 2021 with two people.

Before launching her startup, Naario, Anamika operated it on a pilot basis. She followed a business model similar to that of BBDaily.

Naario offers natural and organic products. Their products include Lucknowi masala, garam masala, jaggery powder, classic muesli, 9-in-1 flour mix, and many more. Naario also sell gifts and kits like immunity boosters, vitamin boosters, mood boosters etc. These products are priced in various ranges starting from ₹100. For instance, Lucknowi masala is priced at ₹100, garam masala is priced at ₹110, and so on for other products.

Anamika wants to empower women, especially homemakers and provide entrepreneurial support to them. Naario’s sales are growing each month. It is a good platform for women to showcase their talents to get financial independence.

Women make these food products as per their own recipe. That’s why these homemade food products are nutritious and delicious. They do not add any chemicals or preservatives.

Anamika says that every product on the platform is the best in its quality and taste. The startup ensures that all homemakers follow the prescribed norms so that they provide fine quality and delicious products to consumers. All products are locally sourced.

Within six months, over 100 women were enrolled with the startup and fulfilled around 5,000 orders.

Over 400 women are earning through the startup at present. Within a year of its launching, Naario clocked a turnover of ₹4 cores.

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