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This Medical Shop gives discount up to 85 percent

This Medical Shop gives discount up to 85 percent

Healthcare in India is becoming expensive nowadays. Often patients deny going to doctors due to their non-affordability of buying all the prescription medicines.

There are only some medical shops that offer up to 10 or 20 per cent of discounts.

But here is a unique medical shop which provides a discount of up to 85 per cent to its customers.

Jan Sewa Pharmacy was started by a group of friends in Delhi to provide medicines at very cheap rates.

This non-profit and no-loss pharmacy has served more than 4.5 lakh people within 1.5 years of its existence and saved nearly ₹10 crore to them.

The medical shop sells all kinds of medicines. They directly buy from the manufacturers and sell at a better price than the wholesalers.

For instance, the calcium sachet is sold at ₹27 in many medical shops which is available for ₹7 at this shop.

Approximately 500 people buy medicines from them every day. They buy medicines in bulk by negotiating for the best price. And the shop has 12 employees who work for a fixed salary.

They keep aside 2.5 per cent to pay the rent of the shop, employees salaries, stationery and electricity expenses.

As such, the shop has been sustaining in the market for 1.5 years.

The surrounding medical shops are also forced to reduce their price due to this shop.

Not only the medicines are provided at a discounted price by this shop, the medical tests are also offered at cheaper prices.

This shop offers the Kidney Function Tests (KFT) and HBA1c (Sugar) for just ₹480 which is done in the market at ₹1,200.

Jan Sewa Pharmacy has regular customers from not just Delhi, but from surrounding states as well. They visit this shop for their monthly purchase considering the discount while travelling the distance.

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