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Teen girl launches interactive learning programme for toddlers

Teen girl launches interactive learning programme for toddlers

While her peers are busy with their academics and other activities, this 14-old-girl launched an interactive learning programme for infants and toddlers.

Avantika Kampani from Mumbai is a student at Dhirubhai Ambani International School. She launched a startup, DayOne for toddlers. Her product, Seekh, focuses on the growth and development of children. It is designed for toddlers below three years.

Avantika used to observe her baby cousin when he was six months old. She started researching the brain development of babies out of her curiosity and realized that a child’s brain develops more up to the age of five.

She discussed this matter with her mentors in her Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) class. They helped her develop Seekh. Seekh is a learning tool. It is a Hindi word, which means learning.

Seekh product comes in 72 cards. It has six sections. Each section focuses on various cognitive abilities – At First Sight, Count Up, Touch and Feel, Building Blocks, Let’s Read and Link Up.

At First Sight section helps to improve the attention of children and their neural connections. Count Up section aimed to improve the logical reasoning and understanding of kids.

Touch and Feel section enables toddlers to feel different objects by touching them. Building Blocks promotes curiosity and creativity among children.

Let’s Read section contains basic words like patterns to improve the memory of children. Link Up section has different shapes. Parents can teach the name of a shape by showing it to children. It helps children to link up with those words and objects.

Seekh is priced at ₹999 per pack. In the first three months of launch, 200 packs were sold. Some parents and families bought it. Besides, a few brick and mortar stores also bought it.

Avantika promotes the product on her Instagram page. She also wants to bring many such products for children in future.

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Image Reference: http://dayone.co.in/

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