Sultan Khetani develops low-cost Hand Device to detect HIV

Sultan Khetani develops low-cost Hand Device to detect HIV

Sultan Khetani

Meet Sultan Khetani who is part of a Harvard team which has developed a technology that can detect HIV virus at diagnosis stage. However, there is a much bigger story here.

Sultan Khetani was born in an economically poor family which could not even afford his school fees. His father was a grocer and earned barely enough for the bread and butter.

At the age of four he left his home and spent all his childhood and teenager in various hostels. He had a soul of passion since his childhood and wanted to do something different.

His strong will made him achieve his passion. He wanted to go to IIT but missed the deadline which forced him to join a private college.

He used to skip classes and read books about biomedical engineering in library. He states that was the best place to realize his passion.

He followed his passion and did masters in biomedical engineering. Fate finally gave him a chance to achieve something different. He applied for a Master’s thesis project at Harvard and got select.

From there he and his fellow researchers are working for a technology which helps in testing for HIV just with a drop of blood. The device can detect HIV very fast and is very low cost.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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