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Sircilla woman feeds many people

Sircilla woman feeds many people

Generally, many people think that if they have more money, they will help others. But, even after getting a lot money, they may not follow it up. This is because normally people prefer to spend the money on which they think is valuable.

Though money is essential, all the people who have enough resources with them might not have a great heart to help the poor.

It is a proven fact that one should have empathy and compassion towards others problems to help them, but not the money.

This Sircilla woman proved that again.

She is Vindhya Rani, an Anganwadi teacher. Her husband is a private employee. She wants to help the poor, but her financial condition does not support that.

Yet, she has a concern for the poor. And she founded a voluntary organization ‘Dharani’ in 2004 with a group of women to help the underprivileged.

She counseled the parents of students on the benefits of being educated so that several of them were convinced and sent their children to school.

She used to pay the tuition for those students who cannot afford it.

Due to her efforts, several students passed their exams.

She also distributed used clothes that were collected from the people in the slum areas. Some people even donated new clothes to be distributed.

She collected five quintals of rice with a minimum of fistful of rice from every home under the name of rice bucket.

The rice was distributed to 50 poor families at 10 kgs each.

When she observed that many foods are being wasted in marriages and other get together events, she had an idea of distributing this food to the poor people.

She bought utensils to collect the food.

Since then, she has been collecting the food to be wasted and distributing to the underprivileged by paying auto fare on her own to reach the destination of the beneficiaries.

So far, 60,000 people have been fed by her. She spends half of her salary for this.

Lions Club sponsored ₹30,000 with which she bought a trolley auto to collect the food.

She received ₹51,000 from the district collector in appreciation of her services on the Telangana Formation Day.

Image Reference: The Eenadu

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