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Selfless Kolkata Cop Who Helped Citizens at 3:00 AM

Selfless Kolkata Cop Who Helped Citizens at 3:00 AM

Meet Constable Kamal Das of Kolkata Police who became a sudden hero social media after he selflessly decided to help three men who were stuck at E.M. Bypass with a broken car at three in the morning.

Kamal Das who is posted at Tiljala Police Station helped out three men who got struck during the late hours. Diptanjan Chakraborty who was returning home from a marriage along with two of his friends found car troubles in Dunlop area of Kolkata. Their car hit a pothole and started making unusual noises.

Diptanjan recalls that they kept going because they were not sure about what to do with the problem and the area was not very safe. However, as they went forward, the left mudguard of the car fell apart. Diptanjan wrote on his Facebook wall that the upper chunk of the tubeless tyre of the car was gone.

They slowly crossed the flyover but to their bad luck, their spare tyre didn’t have enough air and could not be used.

The three of them tried to find help but all the service shops were closed at that time. It was at this moment, one of them went for help to a police booth nearby. Here they met Constable Kamal Das who instantly started his bike and asked one of them to sit in the back seat and went looking for a mechanic.

After finding a mechanic, Kamal woke him up and asked for help. The friends only had Rs.800 with them but the mechanic asked for Rs.1000. Das again helped them out by promising he will pay the extra money.

Once the mechanic was done, the friends were surprised at how helpful the constable was. Kamal Das replied that not every cop is bad before going back to duty.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia

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