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India’s best tech workplaces in 2015

India’s best tech workplaces in 2015

Everyone wants work in the best workplace. The joint study of The Economic Times and Great Place to Work Institute revealed a list of India’s best workplaces in 2015 recently. The study was conducted on more than 700 organisations from 20 industries. The survey was performed in two ways: First, the views of employees in the organisations are considered. More than 1,80,000 employees participated in this survey. Then, the HRM policies of the organisations are evaluated based on their structure. Here is the list of India’s best tech workplaces in 2015.


RMSI is an NCR-based IT services firm that topped the list. It has two main pillars for its workplace: Simplicity and transparency. The company emphases on simple employee engagement practices and holds on-time workshops for their employees to develop their skills.


Internet giant Google occupied second position with its innovative work environment to encourage top performance. Employee satisfaction is the key HR activity of Google. Each employee can possess and manage his/her own career which is supported by their managers. This creates a sense of empowerment in employees with which they can take bold decisions to build their career. Unbiased and flexible work environment is provided to employees. The company even offers preventive health checkups to the spouses of employees.

SAP Labs India Ltd.

SAP Labs India Ltd. stood in the fifth place in the list. The company is ahead in giving freedom and space to its employee. There is neither hierarchy nor ‘sir-ma’am’ culture. SAP encourages differently-abled people as well. Around 6 to 8 autistic people are hired by the company bi-annually and placed in the jobs that are suitable for them after being trained. The company encourages a strong work-life balance for its different workforce. It has childcare centre as well.

Intuit India

Intuit India is positioned in seventh place in the list. Diversity is the keystone of the company’s work practices as several initiatives have been taken by it in terms of gender or any other specific needs. About 10% of working time is considered as “unstructured time” which can be used by employees to innovate on new projects externally. Later they can be turned to products and tested on customers. Teleperformance India – 15, Pitney Bowes Software India – 19, Microsoft India – 20,Adobe Systems India – 21,NetApp India – 22, Vodafone India- 26 andMcAfee Sales India – 33 are some other companies in the list.

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