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RJ who spreads awareness on climate change

RJ who spreads awareness on climate change

Climate changes affect the environment as well as the lives of people. There are many people in the country, especially in rural areas, who lack awareness of how to protect the environment.

This 25-year-old woman spreads awareness about climate changes in rural areas. Varsha Raikwar is a Radio Jockey at Radio Bundelkhand. Hailing from a small town in the Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh, she knows many people lack awareness of climate change and environmental issues.

Drought conditions, intense heat and such climate conditions are common in her area. However, many people do not know how to protect the environment.

In the beginning, she started her work as a climate activist. Now, as an RJ, more than 2.5 lakh from around 150 villages are listening to her voice and advice.

Her daily programme, Shubh Kal, has many listeners. She explains the effects of climate change and how to overcome them for a better future in her programme.

When Varsha decided to join Radio Bundelkhand, her family did not accept her decision. In her area, the education of girls is also difficult. They are allowed only basic education, after which they are married to someone else.  Women are not allowed to work. That’s why her family members did not like her decision.

However, Varsha was strong and determined. She started educating herself at the beginning about climate change. Later, she wished to educate more people.

She chooses many topics like rainwater harvesting, organic farming, plastic pollution etc., to speak in her radio programme. She also asks her listeners to share any new things to feature on the programme. That’s why many listeners connected to the programme.

Shubh Kal programme changed the perspective of people in many villages. Farmers in her village switched to organic farming.

Varsha also encourages her village girls to pursue higher education. She wants to put an end to child marriage and spreads awareness of the issue. Now, many villagers are listening to her words. Varsha is happy about motivating many people through community radio.

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