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Poor woman fights against wrong HIV report

Poor woman fights against wrong HIV report

Hospitals are meant to treat the patients. But, a lot of hospitals do not care about anything except money.

If it is a government hospital, then imagine the situation of patients.

Here is an inspiring story of a poor woman who fought against a government hospital for wrongly diagnosing her as HIV positive.

Mamata, a poor woman lives in a village of Rural Warangal. Her husband is a daily laborer.

Five years ago, when she was a pregnant, she was admitted in the CKM Government hospital, Warangal for her delivery.

The hospital staff said that she needs a caesarian. As part of routine tests for surgery, she had undergone several tests and was diagnosed as a HIV positive.

After that, the hospital staff behaved rudely. They locked her in a store room denying to perform delivery of her child. With the help of her sister, Mamata delivered a male child who started suffering from respiratory problems since his birth.

The CKM hospital denied even to treat the newborn baby and the boy was then admitted in MGM hospital, Warangal.

The MGM staff scanned the boy and detected that the baby swallowed amniotic fluid which reached the brain and clotted there. They concluded that it is difficult for the boy to survive. Yet, they admitted him and was providing some required care. Mamata’s sister was accompanied the newborn.

Later, the couple went to another diagnostic centre and provided the blood samples of Mamata to test HIV. The report revealed that she is HIV negative.

When they showed the report to the CKM hospital, they didn’t believe and scolded them. The couple requested to conduct the HIV test again, but they denied.

After several requests, at last, one doctor tested her and confirmed that she is not positive to HIV. It was again confirmed by another doctor by performing the test again.

Then, they asked the couple not to reveal this matter to anybody.

But, the agony and distress faced due to wrong report made Mamata to stand erect and gave her courage to fight against the hospital.

She went to court for compensation. After four years of battle, with nobody including her parents on her side, Mamata won the case.

She has to sell her silver ornaments, utensils and everything for this fight. Her five-year old child survived but he is not movable and is not able to talk. The boy’s condition will be improved if he undergoes a surgery which cannot be afforded by the parents.

She seeks the help of Good Samaritans who can help her child.


Image Reference: The Eenadu

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