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NRI empowers rural children through education

NRI empowers rural children through education

Some people do not forget their roots wherever they go. Biswajit Nayak is one among them.

This NRI wants to do something for the motherland. He lives in California. He started an initiative to educate rural children by providing quality education material six years ago.

His Shikhya or Aveti Learning structure depends on the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) model. It aims to bridge the gap between the rural and urban education.

Biswajit says that he wanted to leave his village and go out of the country in his childhood. Now, after living several years in the US, he wants to return to native place. But, since it is not possible, he wanted to do something for his home and village.

That’s why he started Aveti learning for rural children to provide quality education. The content on this platform is available in more than 15 Indian languages.

He says that it is difficult for rural children to get quality education and the latest content like urban students.

He established tuition centres for rural students to improve their learning opportunities and to transform them through education.

His coaching has reached more than 120 centres and 400 schools in Odisha. He wants to expand to more regions across the country.

Biswajit grew up in Narigaon, Odisha. He studied in a local school there and pursued BTech from NIT Rourkela.

His father is a school teacher who imparted the importance of education. That’s why he worked hard to achieve his dreams.

But, he says that not every rural student is not that much lucky to understand the importance of education and get adequate tools to improve his/her skills.

He has a team of 18 members include teachers and content writers. More than 8,000 students have benefitted through his initiative.

He also uploads videos on YouTube. His YouTube channel has more than 46,000 subscribers and 25 lakh views.

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