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Mumbai youth cracks CAT defying dyslexia, cerebral palsy

Mumbai youth cracks CAT M defying dyslexia, cerebral palsy

If you have a strong will, you can achieve anything despite the odds. This Mumbai youth proved it. His story is motivational and inspiring, indicating that success never comes without hard work and dedication.

21-year-old Yash Avadesh Gandhi battled Cerebral Palsy, Dyslexia, and Dysarthria and cracked CAT-2019 with a percentile score of 92.5.

He secured his admission into IIM Lucknow with this score. He has been attending online classes for the past month.

He received interview calls from various IIMs. But, he chose IIM Lucknow.

Yash has a problem with numbers. Hence, it worked hard to crack the exam, especially in the quantitative ability section.

Yash is accounting and finance graduate from Mithibai College in Mumbai. He ranked among the top five.

He started preparing for CAT when he was in the second year of graduation, aiming to beat the odds.

His parents support him very much. Her father is a private employee and mother is a supervisor for a midday meal kitchen centre.

Yash knows his limitations due to his health conditions. Hence, he works harder than his peers to compete with them.

While preparing for CAT, Yash faced difficulty and was depressed at a point where he wanted to give up.

But, his mother motivated him saying that that he can do anything and he should not stop once making an effort. Then, he started again and firmly decided to win the battle.

Harshit Hindocha is the mentor of Yash. He has been the tutor of Yash since his grade nine.

Harshit says that Yash remains calm but have strong commitment. Yash marks the important points despite being exempted from taking notes due to writing issues. He always submits his assignments and homework on time. Besides, he never seeks sympathy from others.

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