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Mumbai man supplies oxygen to COVID-19 patients

Mumbai man supplies oxygen to COVID-19 patients

As the novel coronavirus cases have been rising in the country, there is a huge demand for required medicines, hospital beds and oxygen cylinders in the country. There is a shortage of beds and oxygen in various parts of the country. Medicinal oxygen is highly demanded by COVID-19 patients from across the country. In this context, this Mumbai man decided to help COVID-19 patients by supplying the required oxygen.

Shahnawaz Sheikh from Malad, Mumbai, is helping many patients with just a phone call. He is known as the Oxygen Man in his area. He set up a control room and recruited a team to provide continuous services to COVID-19 patients. He also allotted a helpline number for the patients to call him to get timely help.

Shahnawaz has been helping the people in need since the prevalence of COVID-19 in the country. He decided to supply oxygen to the patients after the death of his friend’s wife due to a shortage of oxygen. He sold his Ford Endeavour to raise money for buying oxygen cylinders. With that money, he bought 160 oxygen cylinders and started supplying oxygen to the patients.

He said that the oxygen demand has been increased multifold. Three months ago, he was receiving 50 phone calls every day for oxygen. But, now he receives around 600 calls daily.

Shahnawaz and his team explain the procedure to patients to get the oxygen cylinders and their return after usage. They also explain to the patients how to use the oxygen cylinders. The team helped more than 4,000 people so far since the launch of the service.

There is another person from Patna who provided oxygen cylinders to the homes of COVID-19 patients. Gaurav Rai from Patna carries oxygen cylinders in his Wagon R car to help the home-quarantined people.

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