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Mumbai man delivers essentials to home quarantined

Mumbai man delivers essentials to home quarantined

Now, a state of panic has been created across the country due to COVID-19. In Maharashtra where the highest number of positive cases have been reported, people are under a chaotic and helpless condition.

As the state is locked down and people are asked to continue self-quarantine and work from home, people are scared of their own shadow. They are not ready to help anyone in this condition. Everyone suspects others.

People are forced to be under home quarantine for effective control of coronavirus. In this context, senior citizens, who are vulnerable to the disease and people who have been stamped to self-quarantine for the safety of the society, find none help.

The home quarantined people and senior citizens are unable to step out even when they need essential things like groceries and medicines.

They shared their grievances and problems. In this regard, Project Mumbai, Mumbai-based NGO created an army of volunteers to deliver groceries and medicine to people who need them.

Shishir Joshi, the founder of Project Mumbai said that they wanted to help people in a critical time.

The delivery service is free and volunteers do not charge anything from them. Self-quarantined people will have to send a picture of their stamp or letter on WhatsApp and put a request for medicine or groceries. After verification, their request will be accepted.

The payment for the required things will have to be sent online to Project Mumbai. The NGO will settle the amount with retailers who supply things.

There will be no physical contact at the time of delivery. Yet, volunteers are given masks for their safety. Medicines will be delivered within 24-48 hours. A pharma retailer has come forward to support the initiative of Project Mumbai.

For groceries, the NGO is working with retailers to send sealed food packages in two sizes to serve two and four people. Project Mumbai is looking for volunteers and interested people can contact the NGO.

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