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Micro credit venture by Tribal Girls

Micro credit venture by Tribal Girls

Meet these young tribal girls who changed the lives of those around them using a successful micro-credit venture. This venture is not only helping them take care of their family’s financial needs but also giving them better decision-making powers.

In order to know how successful the micro credit venture, read the story of a girl named Neetu.

Her parents have been trying hard to find money to replace their thatched roof with an asbestos or aluminum. Imagine their surprise when she, a 15 year old from Jidu Pandra Toli village in Jharkhand offered to pay for it. She secured a loan of Rs.6,000 needed for the roof sheet and she also managed to pay it off within six months.

How did she do it? The answer is that she is a member of the Jidu Pandra Toli Kishori Mandal. It gave her access to credit as and when needed.

The Mandal consists of 13 members. They are all girls aged between 12 and 19 years. With these members it is a successful micro-credit venture. Every member of the group contributes Rs.10 every week. When she borrowed the money, she returned it at five percent interest.

This Kishori project has been started in Jharkhand by Child in Need Institute (CINI) for teenage girls. CINI is an NGO partner of the Department of International Development supported Global Poverty Action Fund project launched in October 2012.

Under this project, young teenagers from more than 70 villages of Ranchi and Hazaribagh districts formed groups. Each group consists of 13 to 15 teenagers.

As the girls were given greater financial control, they also helped improve the health, sanitation, and nutritional statuses of their respective families. These girls who helped their families financially also took charge of cooking in their homes and made more nutritional meals.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia

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