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MUDRA bank – An Efficient Financial Solution

MUDRA bank

The media discourse on MUDRA (Micro Units Development and finance Agency) planned in Budget 2015-16 has not yet totally revealed the theoretical depth and sensible knowledge behind the concept. It’s a possible game-changer for the economy.

He said that the 57.7 million small manufacturing, trading, and repair businesses operated by hard-working entrepreneurs generate the most jobs for Indians. Principally (62 per cent) belonging to regular Castes, regular Tribes and different Backward categories, these units find it “difficult if not impossible” to access formal credit.

The MUDRA plan was seeded within the last Budget that had established a committee to look for a financial design for the non-formal sector.

The innovative bank has four distinctive options. One, it’s structured as an apex refinancer to enable over fifty million unfunded entrepreneurs to access formal credit from and through layers of credit institutions registered under that.

The second is that MUDRA will fund the micro units which are more efficient than modern corporates.

Third is that it challenges modern theories and experts who consider that micro businesses and marginal farming would face eventual euthanasia. Lastly, it is designed to fund the uniquely Indian non-formal sector.

Image Reference: Financialexpress

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