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Meet the Tailor without arms

Meet the Tailor without arms

Madan Lal began his life at a complete disadvantage, since he was born without both of his arms. He was not allowed to enter any schools, even the most inclusive and accomodating ones, and his family could not afford to provide him with any other education.

However, Lal was not deterred, and he became determined to find some use for himself in his life.

Therefore, when he was twenty-three years old, he decided to pursue a career in tailoring, using only his feet and toes to stitch his garments together.

At first, people around Lal were skeptical of an armless man aiming to become a tailor.

However, he learned the art of tailoring with his feet when he travelled to Fatehabad for one year of training. Everything he does is done with his feet, from measuring people to cutting up the cloth to stitching it together.

He then began a small business of his own, but people were still skeptical of his ability to be successful.

However, Lal began to earn their respect with his beautiful creations. He now has his own shop in the village, where he sells his garments for a living and is adored by all of his customers.

Lal is pleased with his tailoring ability, and he enjoys the independent feeling of making a successful living on his own.

Meet the Tailor without arms

Meet the Tailor without arms

He also loves making the villagers happy with the garments that he makes, and he feels as if he is now a part of their family.

Younger aspiring tailors have even been inspired by his success, and so he decided to take some of them in to train them.

Everyone in Lal’s village now visits him to buy and wear his lovely clothes, regardless of the fact that they were made by feet rather than hands.

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