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Business ideas that you can start today

Business ideas that you can start today

Many business ideas may require one to have a low capital.

One will need expertise for such ideas, but there are always options to hire experts to help run a business. With that said, here are ten small business ideas that require this low capital:

Beauty parlors do not often need large investments. There is no major investments in raw materials, and one can merely set up a shop somewhere and hire individuals who know the business. The same goes for any hair cutting place.

Insurance planners do not need large investments to start up. There may be a need of some basic knowledge in the field, but there is an easy stream of revenue in the business, especially if the business increases in scale.

•Establishing a real estate consultancy requires very little investment to start. Only a small amount of basic knowledge in the field is needed, and several good contacts. Around three deals per month, give or take, makes a sustainable living.

•Creating either tuitions or coaching classes requires little to start up, only hiring experts in their respective fields. With the increasing concerns of parents over the study abilities of their children, this has become an affluent business option in recent years.

•Ice cream parlors are popular, cheap, and are increasing much in demand as more and more people move to the city. An increase in people’s disposable income also prompts more spending on things such as ice cream.

•Those who are learned in the online and digital fields can become trainers for Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Many websites across the internet have increased their demands for Engine Optimization experts to increase their social media popularity.

•Gift stores are relatively cheap to make and do not require much expertise to run, save basic social skills. This works especially well when placed in a strategic location, such as in a close proximity to any children’s place.

•Becoming a mutual fund agent or a fixed deposit agent for a company may require minimal training, but it requires very little in terms of capital. More and more demand for proper advisory services has been rising.

•A plant shop requires very low investment, and not too much expertise in the field. A basic knowledge of the plants one sells should be enough to get by.

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