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MBA Chaiwala – An inspiring youth earns lakhs by selling tea

MBA Chaiwala – An inspiring youth earns lakhs by selling tea

Where there is a will, there is a way – this proverb is 100 per cent true in this youth’s case.

Prafull Billore from Madhya Pradesh arrived in Ahmedabad, to start a business there.

Prafull was an MBA aspirant. He shifted to Indore from his village after completing his graduation, aiming to crack CAT and get admission in the prestigious IIM.

Despite his efforts, Prafull could not join the IIM due to his CAT scores.

Hence, he decided to join in a job. He worked as a cleaner at McDonald’s and earned ₹300 per day. He used to read motivational books. While his job taught him humility and courtesy, the books taught him business tricks and instilled the courage to start his own business.

Prafull worked three months at McDonald’s; then, he decided to start his business. At first, he wanted to borrow ₹10 lakhs from his father for his business.

But, realizing the risk, he wanted to step slowly. He said that though the dreams are big, starting shall be small with an instant response. Believing the concept, he opened a small roadside tea stall with ₹8,000 borrowed from his father. He named the tea stall MBA Chaiwala. MBA stands for Mr Billore Ahmedabad.

His revenue started with ₹150 on the first day. Since then, no turning back for him. Prafull worked at McDonald’s in the morning and his own stall in the nights for around three hours in the initial days.

He tried to differentiate his tea stall from others. The quirky name of his tea stall grabbed the attention of customers. He served the tea in earthen pots along with toast and tissue paper for ₹30.

He used to introduce people in English and urge them to try his tea. Thus, in the first month itself, he sold around 11,000 cups of tea.

His business became popular after a YouTuber made a video on him. Now he has a turnover of ₹3 crores. He has given motivational lectures in many educational institutions, including IIM, Ahmedabad, where he had dreamed, to study MBA once.

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