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The man who planted 10 million trees

The man who planted 10 million trees

While most of us have barely planted a single tree, this man has planted a staggering amount of 10 million trees. Daripalli Ramiah from Khammam has made it his mission to plant trees wherever he sees a barren spot.

Ramaiah is called “Chettla Ramaiah” in Khammam where chettu means tree. Ramaiah has always been passionate about his work. He used to see his mother save the seeds of ribbed gourd for the next planting season. His mother was his inspiration as she used to tell him that seed is the secret of evolution and that God has given life to it.

People say that he has planted more than 10 million trees and has made them survive. The only thing he receives in return for this is satisfaction, contentment and peace. He proves that one does not need to be rich to do something. He goes on a cycle peddling everywhere holding the handle with just one hand and sprinkles seeds on his way.

He collected various native seeds such as Bael (Bilva), Peepal (Bauhinia Racemosa), Kadamba (Nanclea Cadamba), Nidra Ganneru (Albezia Soman), Kanuga (Pongamia), Neem (Azadirechta Indica), Erra Chandanam (Red Sanders), and many more and chose the canal banks from Khammam.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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