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Man grows 25,000 trees

Man grows 25,000 trees

As environmental pollution is increasing, it is essential to plant trees. Though most people think to do so, many of them do not practice it in real life, but this man planted over 25,000 trees in ten years.

Mantu Hait from Kolkata is a lawyer. Mantu in his childhood used to climb trees and pluck various fruits from them. He also used to relax under the shade of trees along with friends after playing games.

But, as he was growing, the number of trees started declining due to various reasons. He observed the decline in his teens.

Yet, he could not do anything at that time due to focus on his studies and career settlement. But, the issue bothered him for many years and waited for a good time to do something for it.

Finally, he got the opportunity. He wanted to plant trees on the roadside in 2010. But, he did not have legal rights to do so.

As the area belongs to Calcutta Port Trust, Mantu wrote a letter to them asking for their permission to plant trees and waited for their response.

But, even after several weeks, he did not get any response.

Then, he came to know about the concept of Guerrilla Gardening. It involves the gardening on land where the gardeners do not have legal rights to cultivate, like abandoned sites or areas that are not being cared for.

Then, Mantu purchased the seeds and started planting trees with the help of some environmental organizations like Nature Mate.

But, due to lack of proper care and water, his plants started dying within a few weeks of the plantation.

Then, he started researching on the internet for the best practices. He also chose trees that do not need maintenance. And the surrounding residents water the plants.

Today, 250 varieties of plants and trees spread over a one-kilometre on the Alipore Road because of him.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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