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Man earns Rs.2 crore with farming


Can you imagine a farmer earning more money than a corporate employee? Can you believe if anybody says that he is getting crores of rupees by choosing farming?

It is very hard to believe that an engineer who once earned ₹24 lakhs per annum now has a turnover of ₹2 crores per year. He was an employee of the corporate world once, but now he is an agripreneur.

His name is Sachin. His grandfather Vasant Rao opted for farming after his retirement due to his passion. Yet, within no time, he came to know that agriculture is risky. Especially in countries like India where people depend more on rains for their crops and are not aware of modern techniques.

Though he was worried about the challenges associated with farming, he did not know much about resolving the issues. But his grandson, Sachin found a solution and is now earning crores of rupees by them.

Sachin learned from his grandfather that no one can survive without food even though one can survive without earning money. He also understands that food industry, the most vital sector is being ignored in our country.

So, he decided to focus more on it and left his job to become a farmer. He struggled a lot in the initial days as he did not know much about farming.

It was the toughest time for him as he invested his whole provident fund in it. Moreover, his entire family depends on him. Hence, he decided to go back if he was not successful in farming.

But, there was no need to turn back. His will power, hard work and sills fetched him huge results. Normally farmers have seasonal employment and keep their fields idle.


Man earns Rs.2 crore with farming

But, Sachin developed a model though which he can use his farms throughout the year to yield maximum profits.

Then he started Innovative Agrilife Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to help farmers with the contract farming model of farming. The company provides a win-win situation for both farmers and buyers.

The present turnover of the company is around ₹2 crore. Sachin proved that it is possible to earn a lot of money with anything one opts for with hard work and skills.



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