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Man earns lakhs of rupees by selling upcycled furniture

Man earns lakhs of rupees by selling upcycled furniture

If you have creativity and patience, you can create varieties of products using recycled plastic, tyres etc., or upcycled materials.

This engineer is a good example as he earns lakhs of rupees by selling upcycled furniture. Pramod Susare from Maharashtra worked with a multinational company after completing his engineering. He struggled to meet his monthly expenses with his meagre income as he had to support his family.

Yet, he continued with the company for a few years. But, later, he had been to China on a business trip. It changed his life completely.

He observed that some businesses in China were making furniture using drums, tyres etc. Then he wanted to start that business in India. He researched a lot and started P2S International to sell upcycled furniture.

Before starting his business, he spent several hours on YouTube to learn the making of furniture using drums and tyres. He bought discarded tyres to experiment with them. He made chairs, tables and other such products from recycled tyres.

He displayed his products on roadside juice centres. But, he did not receive a single order up to four months after launching his startup.

He received his first order from a Pune-based café. He made the products for the café and earned ₹50,000. As the café was inaugurated by celebrities, he received another big order from Thane, which earned him ₹5.5 lakhs. The order increased his confidence. Hence, he quit the job ad focussed on the business full-fledged.

His business has been growing exponentially and generated over ₹1 crore. Now he has a team of 14 artisans and other workers. He receives orders from Haryana, Punjab, Goa, Bengaluru, and Chennai.

He created multiple varieties of products like hand sanitiser dispensers during the lockdown. Hence, his business continued to grow during the lockdown. Pramod wants to expand his business and set up outlets in Mumbai and Thane by next year.

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