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Keeping the stray animals safe from harm

Keeping the stray animals safe from harm

Roshni D’Silva is might seem like an ordinary girl. However, her care for animals is heart touching. She starts working at 4 in the morning just to ensure that the stray dogs out on the roads get the help they need.

She has been a huge animal lover since her childhood. Since the past 15 years, she has been working to help stray animals. So far, she alone has helped over 10,000 animals get a safer and better life.

Every day in the morning at 4am, she takes a big backpack filled with food and medicines and sets out to the streets. Her aim: to look for stray dogs and cats at the various corners of the village. Despite her hard work in the morning, some animals could get ignored. To avoid this, she visits them in the later hours of day and helps them out.

If she finds injured animals, she will not leave the place until the animals are completely treated and they are safe and sound. She does not get scared even dealing with scared and wild animals which could attack when startled. No matter what it is, she makes friends out of the stray animals and helps them. Hurt and scared animals were healed with her help and they now follow her to her home whenever they see her. The stray dogs happily wag their tails when they see her every day. Many villagers who are inspired by her work are now reaching out to help her whenever possible.

D’Silva aims to be a girl different from others of her age. She says that her heart lies with animals and she finds satisfaction in helping out animals that have no one to take care of. In order to win the friendship of the animals, she first gives them biscuits and once she gets friendly vibes from them, she approaches even closer to help them out.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia

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