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Karnataka teacher helps reduce school dropouts

Karnataka teacher helps reduce school dropouts

School dropouts rate is higher in rural areas. There are several reasons for it.

Kotresh, a government school teacher in Karnataka found that the students are not interested in learning and that’s why they are not attending school.

The school has a lack of proper infrastructure in an old building with poor learning facilities.

Kotresh understood that this situation led to the disinterest of students in going to school.

His first challenge was to reduce the dropout rate.

He observed that the students are interested in arts and drawing activities. Hence, he began encouraging them in art and craft activities.

He then decided to start a school magazine, Pencil, to make students feel have an outlet for their creative activities.

He used to publish 500 copies each month to be distributed among the readers for which he had spent ₹4,000 from his pocket.

After a year, he got a grant from the Indian Foundation of Art for it.

Kotresh noticed that the students are enthusiastic and fascinated to work on the magazine.

Pencil has various sections, yet two are very popular. They are ‘Let’s us ask’ and ‘Let us know our village’.

While the first section featured interviews of people responsible for the school, the second section featured the interviews of talented villagers and their accomplishments.

As a result, several villagers also eagerly wait for the school magazine.

Unlike other school teachers, Kotresh does not give the students homework. Instead, he asks his students to observe the traditions followed at their home, participate in village events, and understand how things are done.

As a result, students get firsthand experience which helps them convert them into words for the school magazine.

Now, the students are able to speak and write. The school has new classrooms, good infrastructure, clean toilets and drinking water.

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