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India’s Youngest Village Head

India’s Youngest Village Head

Do you know who the youngest village head in India is? Who do you think it is, whether a man or a woman? If you are guessing it is a woman, you are right.

Chhavi Rajawat is the first youngest village head in India. She is the Sarpanch of Soda village, Tonk district in Rajasthan. She is an MBA graduate from Pune and holds a good position in several companies like Carlson Group of Hotels, Times of India and Airtel.

But later, when she saw the lives of village people who are struggling for basic necessities, she thought there is a need to change the lives of common people. She quit her job to transform the lives of rural people. She started her work from her village in Rajasthan where the common needs are out of reach for many. She commenced her work and associated with the villagers. She struggled a lot to provide better facilities for the rural people in her village. She succeeded in her attempt due to which good roads, water, solar power, toilets and a bank reached them.

But all this was not done in a single attempt. She constantly fought to provide better facilities to her village people. Over 40 roads are constructed due to her tireless efforts and drinking water is regularly available to them. Villagers also built toilets with her support and the participation of community. There are 900 houses at Soda village, but now nearly 90 per cent of houses (800 houses) have constructed toilets. Soda village has a pond. It is the only drinking water source in the village. Now, the pond water is cleaned with the help of a soft drink company that spent Rs.20 lakh for it. Hence, villagers can now get clean drinking water.

Rajawat says that the development in India should be done at a faster and better rate so that everyone in the country can have basic necessities like water, electricity, toilets, schools and jobs.

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