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IITian teaches upcycled toys to students

IITian teaches on upcycled toys to students

Many people are trying to raise awareness on waste management and upcyling among citizens now.

This IITian is one among them who tries to create awareness on recycling waste. He conducts workshops on waste management in schools.

He does not take anything from them. Rather, he travels to their place with his own money saying that this work gives him immense pleasure.

Subid Ahimsa was a student at IIT in 2003. He pursued a post-graduation course in Industrial Design.

As an engineer, he worked in several firms, but he was not satisfied with them. He felt something was missing in his life due to lack of concrete contribution from him towards society.

He recollected his past years at IIT where he worked on many useful projects.

He decided to quit the job and started a movement, Ahimsa Toys (Non-Violence toys). This movement is aimed to change the perspective of students in the school.

Normally, school students in India blindly follow and accept whatever has been taught to them.

Subid wants to change it. He started conducting workshops on how to make toys from waste materials.

He conducted 600 sessions in both government and private schools in the country.

Subid displays his toys in the workshop. The students would be attracted to the toys that had been made with waste materials.

Then, the students are asked to deposit waste material that has been brought from their home.

He mixes all the material. By doing this, he wants to teach young learners that sharing is one of the vital things.

After that, students are allowed to make their own toys from material like plastic bottles, straws, CDs, pens etc.

Subid only interferes when it is actually needed. The workshop lasts for 3-4 hours through which children learn sharing, teamwork, self-confidence and that nothing is completely waste in the world.

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