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IAS officer provides Relief kits to migrant workers in Tiruppur

IAS officer provides Relief kits to migrant workers in Tiruppur

Migrant workers and labourers have been facing troubles for the past two months. Especially in metro cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi etc. thousands of labourers are sleeping on the roads and living in dirty areas.

Some of them have been walking for several days without sufficient food and water.

In this context, many Good Samaritans and NGOs are helping them. This IAS officer is one among them.

Dr K Vijayakarthikeyan, Tiruppur District Collector started a relief kit distribution initiative for the factory workers.

The city has more than 3 lakh migrant workers from different states like Assam, Bihar, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal.

The workers had stuck in the area due to strict lockdown in the country. Some empathetic employers provided food and shelter to their workers but most of the workers have been left to their fate. The relief kit distribution initiative is intended to help these workers.

The relief work operates round the clock to provide enough ration to feed these workers.

More than 62,000 workers have been provided with weekly ration under this initiative.

Workers are categorized into three groups while distributing relief kits.

The first category workers are provided by food and accommodation by their employers.

The second category of workers gets food and other essentials from their employers but they do not have accommodation.

The third category of labourers does not have food and accommodation. The relief work focuses on this category of workers.

Besides, this IAS officer deployed multilingual operators in the control room to communicate easily with the migrant workers. More than 1,200 volunteers and government officials have been working for this initiative.

Dr Vijayakarthikeyan also aimed at ensuring doorstep delivery of vegetables in the district. Any person can call the given numbers to use this facility. He monitors people under home quarantine strictly and asks shops to ensure social distancing.

He also makes sure that timely help is provided to pregnant women and people who need emergency medical service.

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