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Hyderabad youth feeding people with Rice ATM

Hyderabad youth feeding people with Rice ATM

The outbreak of COVID-19 led to the loss of livelihood and employment of many. At the same time, several people showed their kind heart towards the people who are in need.

Here is a man from Hyderabad who showed his compassion towards the people who lost their jobs. He launched an initiative, Rice ATM.

Ramu Dosapati launched Rice ATM to feed hungry people during the lockdown. He has been distributing rice and other groceries to many people for the past 170 days.

People queue in front of his home for ration kits daily. The ration kit consists of necessary groceries that would suffice for a family of four members for five days. He spent over ₹5 lakhs to help 15,000 families.

His Rice ATM works round the clock. He aims to feed the people to the maximum extent. He doesn’t want anyone to sleep hungry.

Inspired by his work, some people came forward to contribute in the last month. He asked them to start a similar initiative in their respective areas to help people.

Ramu is a resident of LB Nagar, Hyderabad. He is working as an HR manager in a software company.

There are a couple of incidents that inspired Ramu to do this work. He met with an accident in 2006 in which he had a head injury. He prayed to God and promised to serve people if he gets a new life.

Till then, he has been helping others whenever possible.

Another incident that inspired him was a watchman’s family spent ₹2,000 to bring chicken for feeding migrant workers.

He then thought it was not the money that is essential to help others, but a kind heart. He started Rice ATM. Since then, he did not turn back.

Not only poor people but middle-class people and many teachers who lost their jobs during the lockdown also visit the Rice ATM to collect ration. Private employees, drivers, teachers etc. are getting a 15-day kit from him.

He is also helping underprivileged families tested positive for COVID-19 with a ration kit for one month. Ramu said that some families who received kits during the lockdown contributed rice later to help others.

Image Credit: IANS

Image Reference: http://www.ianslive.in/index.php?param=news/-725249

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