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Heroic women cops of Rajasthan


Jaipur was labeled as the third-most unsafe city for women in all of India by the National Crime Record Bureau (or NCRB) in 2013.

The result is even more troubling, however, when taken into consideration that Jaipur has a much lesser population than cities like Bengaluru and Kolkata, which were deemed as much safer environments for women.

Therefore, the issue came to be addressed in May of this year, when the city started employing squadrons of entirely woman cops to be posted in two hundred checkpoints around the area. This is to help the women in the city feel safer by increasing the visibility of female authority figures.

The Commissioner of Police in Jaipur, Sanjay Agarwal, says how many women express discomfort in talking to a male cop, so they will feel more comfortable with these.

Not only are they there to make women feel safer, but their main duty in the streets is also preventing crimes such as harassment and violence against women.

Of course, they also have the same duties as any other cop, but their specific jobs address the previous problem of a lack of measures taken by police to protect the safety of the city’s women.

The statistics presented years ago were alarming to see, and people called for measures to be taken for better safety for women. There is hope that the placement of these cops will both lower the rate of crime against women and boost the esteems of the women around the area.

Additionally, people are calling for further education and awareness to root the ideals of women’s safety in the minds of people.


Image for representation.

With this, people moving forward may be looking toward a better future for the currently crime-ridden city of Jaipur, where the presence of female cops and the knowledge of female safety can change attitudes about women for the better.

Image Reference: IndiaToday, IndianExpress

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