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Father of the year

Father of the year

Bapu Sutar, a 76 year old father asked his reluctant doctors to help find a way to get a spinal surgery.

Even though the doctors wanted to refuse it, they simply couldn’t. Sutar had wanted to be fit in order to take care of his three visually impaired sons, one of whom is mentally challenged too.

On the 21st of June, father’s day, Bapu and his wife can proudly look back at what they did and what their children have achieved.

Rajendra, 50, has acquired an MA and a B Ed from North Maharashtra University, and teaches history at the Sane Guruji school in Shirpur.

Gopal, the youngest at 37, has completed his BA and obtained a diploma in education, and teaches at a school for the blind at Malegaon.

Somnath, the second son, is visually impaired and mentally challenged, and stays at home, while their daughter Lata is married and stays with her husband in Pune.

Bapu’s enter life has been struggle to make his children successful. Every day he start his scooter before 7 am to get his children to their schools. Tara’s day, meanwhile, begins at 5 am when she starts preparing food for the family.

Even though the doctors refused to operate on him at that age, Bapu was persistent and finally got the surgery done which was successful.

Image Reference: Indianexpress

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