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How far would you go to help others?

How far would you go to help others?

Many farmers in Maharashtra are going through hardships due to the severe drought affected regions of the state. A lot of people are trying to help them. However, meet Vivek Vadke, who decided to cut down his personal affairs to help the farmers. This 59-year-old chemical engineer from Thane decided to downsize his daughter’s wedding to save money and donate it to farmers.

With the money he saved, he donated Rs. 6 lakh to two drought-affected villages in Marathwada, Padali village in Jalna and Dapshed village in Nanded.

Not only Vivek but also his wife Vasanti is interested in social work. The couple does social work quite often. They are interested in it so much, that they have decided to cut down the expenditure on decorations and some other things for the wedding of their beloved daughter.

The saving on the wedding gave them Rs. 6 lakh. Their daughter, Jaai, a bio-informatics graduate got married on December 24, 2015. Once the marriage is over, they personally handed over the sum to the villagers.

Vivek says that they got the idea to do this when they visited the villages. They saw how much of a need the villagers were for water resources. They wanted to help the villagers increase their water capacity for the monsoon.

Another person who cared about the farmers is Biman Biswas. He is a senior section engineer working with Central Railways. He has been donating almost 40% of his salary and supported at least 10 farmers and their families in Marathwada. At first, he donated for two farmers. After that, he kept increasing the number of farmers he donated when he realized he could save lives. Biman believes that every small donation helps in saving lives. He wants to do his best to help them. In six months, he will be retiring from his job and is set to spend time with farmers.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia

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