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An engineer transformed a Railway station unbelievably

An engineer transformed a Railway station unbelievably

The Sion Railway Station went through an amazing transformation and it’s all thanks to a group of volunteers in Mumbai.

The Railways have given permission to a non-profit venture to adopt a railway station to the organization “Die Hard Indian” for the first time ever says its founder, Gaurang Damani.

He said that first they have taken up the project of King’s Circle Station. After its success, they have taken up Sion station which is next to Dharavi – Asia’s largest slum. Gaurang believed that if they succeeded there, they would have success everywhere.

Along with many other volunteers, Gaurang started the cleaning project in December 2014. All of them got together to clean up railway stations. They removed posters and banners and posters on walls and they scraped them off while cleaning them.

The volunteers received required materials like paint, brushes, primer etc. from Diehard India. With all of their work, the difference in the Sion and King’s circle stations has become quite evident. Around 600 volunteers worked in the cleaning of these two places.

They have brought in various equipment to get the station clean. Using water jet machines, they have managed to remove the spit stains and dirt on the ground and walls of the station.

The volunteers from NSS unit of SIES College have done a street play for awareness about cleanliness.

There were volunteers from various places like corporates, schools, NGOs etc. The hard work and passion they have shown resulted in beautification of railway stations that were messed up due to the neglect of many travelers. Their behavior sets an example and it encourages many people to keep their surroundings clean.

The success of their project resulted in a clear transformation and this can set an example and encourage more volunteers too. There could be many more inspiring projects like this in the future.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia

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