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Doctors on bikes helping flood victims

Doctors on bikes helping flood victims

The Bainsa division of the Purnia district of Bihar has been hit extremely hard by the floods this year. One hundred and thirty-two villages in sixteen panchayats in Bainsa were flooded so badly that they were cut off from the rest of the state.

The floods have not only damaged these villages, but they have also brought diseases which were contaminating more and more people each day.

The authorities were at a loss for what to do, unable to think of any ways to reach these isolated villages.

However, the district collector of Purnia, Pradeep Kumar Jha, conducted an inspection with the superintendent of police on motorcycles, and together, they came up with an idea.

The two of them decided to send out doctors on motorbikes to the isolated villages to provide them with health services, since motorcycles can reach the villages more easily than other vehicles.

“Operation Motorcycle Doctors” was begun, which consisted of eighteen motorcycle-ridden doctors who were assigned to reach out to the flood-hit villages.

They divided the responsibility of the sixteen panchayats among themselves, and they would drive out in different directions every morning to provide health service for the ill.

The doctors were accompanied by nurses and paramedics, and they were equipped with medical kits, medicines, glucose biscuits, and fresh water.

The doctors would provide basic treatment for those who needed it, and those who required further treatment were sent to nearby hospitals on the motorcycles. The motorbikes were ridden for about eighty kilometers every day, used both for reaching out to the villages and for taking the severely ill to hospitals.

Doctors on bikes helping flood victims

Flood victims

Since no vehicle could get through the floods to reach these villages, these motorcycle doctors have been the saviors of thousands of lives.

Over ten thousand patients were treated in total, and the situation in the villages is steadily returning to normal, thanks to the efforts of the motorcycle doctors.

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