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Delhi’s first woman uber driver

Delhi’s first woman uber driver

She proved that women can be just as strong as men. Coming from a life of domestic abuse and constant hardships, her determination showed life who’s the boss.

Shanno Begum may seem like an ordinary woman from Delhi. But her story is extraordinary. She is now the first woman uber driver in Delhi.

After suffering domestic abuse at the hands of her husband every day for years, she was left with no means of survival when he passed away.

In that situation, she was a lonely mother of three in a seemingly inescapable pit of darkness.

Shanno did not get a chance to complete her school education in her life. But that didn’t stop her. She was ready to do anything to make sure her children get a good life and education.

At first she started as a vegetable vendor and moved to other odd jobs.

After that, her life took a turn for the better when she came into contact with an NGO called Azad Foundation. It is aimed at helping underprivileged women.

She took a six-month driving course from the foundation. She had to take class 10 certificate exams at the age of 40 because that was the minimum requirement.

After clearing her exams, she got her driving lessons.

Delhi’s first woman uber driver

Delhi’s first woman uber driver


Shanno says that while it is still quite challenging for a female driver to be in a male dominated world, she has made a mark for herself.

She made an independent life for herself in a supposedly male dominated field.

She gives the message to every woman across the world that they too should be strong to do what they want.

She says that every woman is strong and not less than men in anyway.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia, IndiaToday

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