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Delhi student runs pay-as-you like school for slum kids

Delhi student runs pay-as-you like school for slum kids

Right to education is the right of every child. However, due to the heavy fees of corporate schools, many children in the country are not able to get a good education.

In addition to that, many parents are not in a position to send their children to schools as they put their children to work to meet their daily needs.

In this context, a Delhi man is educating slum kids for free of cost.

Satyendra Pal, a 25-year-old from Delhi is running an informal school near an under-construction flyover.

This pay-as-you-like school is open for students of class 1 to 10.

There are some huts for lower grade students and higher grade students study in the open place under the flyover.

Satyendra is pursuing BSc in Maths. He shifted from Uttar Pradesh to Delhi and started this school in 2015.

Satyendra lives in the same slum area where the children reside. He noticed that the children could not attend private schools due to fees and the government school is very far from their area.

Parents do not have time to drop and pick up their children to and from school. As a result, many students stay at home idle and are not able to get an education.

Satyendra discontinued his education after class 12 to help his father in the family occupation of farming.

But after a year, his uncle took him to the course on Buddhism and the teachings of B R Ambedkar which changed his perspective on education completely.

He realized the importance of education and enrolled for a graduate course at Agra University. He also started a school for slum kids.

His school started under a tree with students of class seven. He, along with his students, sat on the ground until someone donated a chair and plastic sacks.

His family did not like his idea of helping slum kids with teaching rather than working on the farm. Some students used to drop out of classes due to lack of interest.

But, these problems were solved over time. Now, some parents and other people are donating money to buy stationery, blackboard, books, chairs etc.

Classes are conducted twice – morning and evening. Five other volunteers also joined him to teach the kids.

Satyendra aims to become an IAS to reform the education sector.

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