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Visually Impaired girl cracks IFS

Blind girl cracks IFS

Beno Zephine, a 100 per cent visually impared girl has cracked one of the most difficult exams of India. She cracked the Indian Foreign Service exam and qualified in the top services. She is the first 100% blind female officer in the history of IFS.

She thanked the central government and said that she is grateful that in order to give her the assignment, the central government has modified some parameters. She received a hint about my posting as during the interview by the Union Public Service Commission, majority of the questions revolved around foreign policy and geo-strategic issues after being asked about north-eastern states and had spoken about how most of the country’s borders were located in that region.

She also thanked her mother for the incredible support she received. She revealed that she and her mother have worked very hard for the success. She learned the subjects with the help of Job Access with Speech (JAWS), a software made for the visually challenged to read from a computer screen.

Beno also had access to several Tamil and English books which she used for preparation. However, she thanks her mother who read out the books and newspapers for her before the exam.

Image Reference: Oneindia

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