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Auto driver’s daughter wins boxing gold medal

Auto driver’s daughter wins boxing gold medal

There are many inspirational and motivating stories involving athletes.

Read about this inspiring story of an auto driver’s daughter who won an international gold medal. It is a story of a father and daughter and how encouragement can result it success.

Sandeep Kaur, a 16-year-old boxer, hails from Hassanpur village in Patiala district, Punjab. She had to face challenges both economic and societal and fight them to reach her goal.

Kaur’s father Sardar Jasvir Singh is an auto rickshaw driver and the kind of father who made sure his children were fed despite earning little.

He wanted to encourage his daughter despite his village folk having a discriminatory attitude towards women. The villagers did not like Sandeep boxing but her father believed in her.

That encouragement has helped Sandeep win the gold medal in the 52 kg (junior) category at the 13th International Silesian Boxing Championships in Poland.

Her opponent was Poland’s Karolina Ampuska. Sandeep got a very strong victory in the game with a 5-0 score in her favour.

Her father’s encouragement and belief weren’t her only source of motivation. She got into boxing because of her uncle Simranjit who practiced boxing at an academy in a nearby village.

She says that she used to go for boxing in that academy along with her uncle ever since she was child. When she several young people there, she got interested in the sport.

Sandeep started her training at the age of 8. She had a coach named Sunil Kumar. Even since then, many of the villagers didn’t like her boxing. They told her that women should not do such sports.

This did not stop her as she wanted to follow her idol Mary Kom. Now she has won the medal in the same championship as Mary Kom.

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