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Amritsar Woman sells Giant Parathas to support her family

Amritsar Woman sells Giant Parathas to support her family

Life is full of challenges. While some people face them with courage and confidence, others struggle to overcome them. During tough times, many people tend to take the easy way out. But, this woman chose a difficult way during her tough times.

Here is an inspiring story of a woman who beat the odds bravely. Veena from Amritsar started selling giant parathas to support her children after losing her husband.

This street vendor sells Punjab’s largest parathas for just ₹30. Veena has four daughters. Her husband used to run a food cart to sell parathas. At that time, Veena was domestic help.

After his death, Veena took responsibility for her children. To feed her children and give them a good life, she started running the food cart and selling parathas of good quality.

She has been selling giant parathas for around 10 years in Amritsar. Rehri market in Amritsar is famous for street food. Veena’s giant parathas have a great demand in the market. Many repeat customers say that parathas sold by Veena are delicious.

Food vlogger Gaurav Wasan shared her story on Instagram. He appreciated her for taking all the responsibilities of her husband. He called her a superwoman for her strong determination in facing the challenges during her new journey. She never lost her courage amid the adversities.

Veena became the backbone of her family. Many netizens, including actor Aparshakti Khurana, applauded her hard work for the bright future of her daughters. They also called her an inspiration to many people.

While some people suggested starting her own restaurant to sell parathas on a large scale, others extended their support by offering financial support.

There are many such people like Veena in the country who inspire others. If you spend some time with street vendors, they can tell you interesting and inspiring stories.

Image Credit: Fatimahope / CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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