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72 year old Marathon runner

72 year old Marathon runner

What does a typical 72 year old woman do? Most likely relax back in home. However that is not the case with this woman.

Primla Hingorani is all about fitness regardless of her age. Every day she starts with an aerobics class.

She takes an energy drink after that and starts her jogging of three to four kilometers.

In 100 days she jogged 500 km of running, jogging and walking as of December 31 2016. Her age has never stopped her spirit.

Primla will soon be running in the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon.

She will be participating in the senior citizens’ category which is 4.3km long.

Primla has been running this marathon since its first year in 2004.

She never missed a single edition of the marathon.

She used to run in the Dream Run category which is 6 km long.

72 year old Marathon runner

72 year old Marathon runner


Primla says she was always interested in running even since her school and college days. No matter what, her love for running didn’t change.

When she got married and had three children, she ran with all of them.

Running isn’t the only thing she loves. Even now she participates in a dance class. She also encourages others to run.

She got many of her friends and family members to join her in races.

She combined her love for fitness along with charity.

The marathons she ran raised funds for charitable causes.

She ran in the Dream Run category at the Mumbai Marathon with kids from the Asha Kiran Charitable Trust.

72 year old Marathon runner

72 year old Marathon runner

Today she is still helping several children in training them with running so they can participate in marathons in future.

Primla herself takes on challenges when it comes to fitness.

The challenge to complete 500 km in 100 days was also part of the challenge she took on behalf of a popular race ‘Pinkathon’.

It is for raising awareness about breast cancer.

Now she has started her ‘Aunty 72 challenge’ where she is aiming to cover 125 km in 25 days.

Her spirit and attitude is an encouragement to many others around.

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