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30 year old woman ran 350 km barefoot

30 year old woman ran 350 km bare feet

How many 30 year old women do you know that can run for 350 km bare feet? How many of them can finish that distance in just eight days. How many of them would do it all to spread awareness about breast cancer and women’s fitness issues.

Neillima Pudota is probably the only one. She is a resident of Hyderabad. But in order to draw attention to women’s fitness issues which are often neglected, she ran barefoot from Vijayawada to Visakhapatnam.

The distance she ran was 350 km in just eight days.

Neillima is a 30 year old former corporate employee. She came close to reaching the peak of the world’s highest mountain.

She reached up to the point where she was just 200 metres away from the Mt. Everest summit.

However, she had to retreat because of the health of her guide.

Even after that, her thirst for adventure and fitness did not stop.

She started practicing running barefoot for five months before this run.

After that, she did this long distance run which is her debut run.

30 year old woman ran 350 km bare feet

30 year old woman ran 350 km bare feet


When asked about why she runs barefoot, Neillima says that humans are natural runners so running barefoot is also natural. When she planned her long distance run, Milind Soman insisted on her using ‘barefoot sandals’.

He advised her that these would keep her going better.

Neillima would run barefoot in the mornings and switch to barefoot sandals at noon because of hot tar roads.

Her running started at 5:00 am on November 12 from Benz Circle. Every day she ran about 50 km.

As soon as she reached Visakhapatnam, she again participated in Pinkathon on November 20. At this event, she ran wearing a saari to encourage mother about women’s health and fitness.

Neillima says that in the present day, women’s health is a very crucial but neglected issue. She says that since generations, many women led a sedentary lifestyle. She says it is important to encourage fitness among women now for future generations.


Image Reference: TheBetterIndia

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