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22-year-old launches healthy snack startup

22-year-old launches healthy snack startup

While many children like junk food, their mothers worry about their health. Though some mothers try to feed home-cooked and healthy food to children, kids do not like them. Instead, they prefer outside food.

In this context, the need for healthy snacks has been growing. Observing the potential in this sector, a 22-year-old girl launched a startup of healthy snacks.

Palak Dhand is the founder of Snack & Co. She launched her startup just four months ago. But, now the startup is generating significant revenue.

Palak Dhand could recover her initial investment of ₹1 lakh in just three days of operations. She started with around 200 products. But, now, the startup sells more than 2,000 products and generates monthly revenue of ₹80,000.

This Delhi girl was all set to pursue her masters in the UK before the lockdown. But, she could not go there due to COVID-19. She wanted to utilize the saved funds for launching Snack & Co.

Before launching her startup in November 2020, Palak researched a lot on the availability of healthy snacks in the market. It helped her launch the right products and flavours demanded by the customers in the market. She also tied up with high-quality vendors.

As she is just 22 years old, several vendors were sceptical about her seriousness in commencing a business. Another challenge she faced was a lack of eCommerce knowledge, due to which she had to depend on the IT support team for every problem, including minor issues.

Palak created her brand on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Being a passionate cook, she used to experiment with different recipes and post them online. She efficiently utilized the lockdown period.

Due to the quality and packaging of products, the startup has many loyal customers.

Image Credit: Snackandco.in

Image Reference: https://snackandco.in/pages/about-us

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