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18-Year-Old Fought Child Marriage to Finish Education

18-Year-Old Fought Child Marriage to Finish Education

Meet this 18 year old who fought against society to reach her dreams. Chanda Jat from the village of Phalichada in Rajasthan’s Udaipur district was engaged when she was just a year-and-a-half old. Read on to know how she overcame many hurdles to fulfill her dreams.

Chanda was born into a region full of conservative social boundaries. Right from her childhood she grew up with everyone telling her to put aside her dreams. She grew used to it. She had to put aside her dreams every day. Whether it is about stepping outside of her to play with friends or complete her education, every decision was not hers.

Her life is fixed to have an early marriage and motherhood. However, Chanda was not ready to do this. She stood her ground and took chances to break the norm. Her mother provided support as best as she could.

She was engaged to someone before she even knew what it meant. When she was just in her teens, her in-laws pressured her father to send her off. Her father was a trucker.

Chanda however wanted to continue her schooling. Her in-laws wanted her to discontinue studies. With her stand, she was given permission to finish her class 10.

In this time she discovered Volleyball. She fell in love with it. She gathered a few other girls to play the game. She forged her father’s signature to get permission from the teacher.

She was a natural at volleyball. She even participated in tournaments of various levels. As her father’s work kept him away from home, she could travel with ease.

However, she failed her 10th exams because of her dedication to sports. At this time she learned to ride a motorbike! It was at this time her actions caught the attention of social activists from Vikalp Sansthan, a non-profit working to end gender violence.

Chanda says that she found out she isn’t the only one who faced such problems with the help of Vikalp Sansthan. She wanted to finish her studies and pursue sports. She aimed at becoming a Physical Training Instructor (PTI). Now, Chanda is pursuing class 12 privately. She is also helping other female drop-outs from nearby villages.

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