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Reorienting Gender within geographies

Reorienting Gender within geographies

Reorienting Gender: Geographies of Resistance, Agency, Violence and Desire in Asia.

The spatial underpinnings of gender and gendered nature of space(s) are now well known. Similarly, the whiteness of geography and calls for feminism to be more inclusive have been heard since the ’80s. Yet, despite more inclusive geographies today, epistemic violence continues to construct non-white, non-western subjects mostly as poor, powerless and unempowered.

In much the same way, within conventional theory, spaces come to be constructed through discourses that ultimately flatten and homogenize them. In this situation, difference, diversity, local feminism, knowledge and local understanding of space and place risk being lost unless seen contextually, using situated knowledge.

This seminar seeks to re -orient the geographies of gender through a focus on understandings of gender and space. It will seek to initiate a discussion on gender, space and the politics of location in general and the themes of resistance, agency, violence and desire in Asian contexts in particular.

Organized by the International Conference Admin, it will be held on the 20th, 21st and 22nd November, 2014 at Delhi.

Check out the website for more information.  Or contact Anindita Datta.

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