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12-year young innovator from Maharashtra

12-year young innovator from Maharashtra

Revanth Namburi from Nagpur, Maharashtra is a 12-year boy. He designed many mobile applications in the fields of road safety and the prevention of traffic violation.

He applied for patents for four of his innovations.

The first one is related to monitoring traffic violations in real-time.

His invention includes tools like seatbelt sensor, breathalyzer, heart rate analyzer, and CPU. The information is stored and alerts are sent to authorities in the event of any traffic violation.

Network connectivity is essential to print the data or document it. But his technology of QR codes can ease things without the need for network connectivity.

He designed a security system to prevent theft of vehicles. It includes a smart key, a pre-installed SIM card, and an authorization process. With these, the vehicles are protected and thus thefts are prevented.

His last patent describes a method to prevent or detect violation and theft of vehicles with license verification.

Revanth Namburi wants to become a scientist. His mother Shilpa described how a small accident had shaped the ideas of Revanth.

While their family was travelling in a car, a rash driver crashed it due to which side mirrors were broken.

This made him think about such mishaps. He wanted to find out a solution and came up with some solutions to prevent road accidents and convey the information to the authorities to save victims in accidents.

Revanth also designed many applications including real-time traffic violator to know traffic violators and prevent road mishaps.

The boy met Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways of India. The minister appreciated the boy and assured him the government would take the necessary steps to utilize his inventions in daily life.

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