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WiJungle – Unified Network Security Gateway

WiJungle – Unified Network Security Gateway

Normally many people focus on major demanded products and services in the market while starting their ventures. But, only a few think differently. Karmesh Gupta is one such person. He and his cousin Praveen Gupta launched WiJungle, Unified Network Security Platform (UNSP) to offer cybersecurity solutions.

The duo started their entrepreneurial journey in 2014, which was not a success. Initially, WiJungle offered Free WiFi services in 2014. As it was the first Indian private company to do so, it had to go through many challenges.

The founders faced many troubles due to which they learned some lessons. Later, they decided to focus on the cybersecurity segment. As the world is moving towards digitization, cybersecurity becomes vital.

WiJungle’s UNSP is an AI and ML-based product. It is a one-stop solution by providing all services in one place. It has multiple security capabilities.

This unified service can replace many standalone products like VPN servers, network firewall, web application firewall, DLP and many more. Thus, enterprises can save their money spent on all these products.

WiJungle’s unified service focuses on protecting three key areas like office, remote workforce and cloud. It is growing year by year.

This Jaipur-based startup has significantly grown its business and customer base after launching its unified service. Its business was grown by 200 per cent in the last year. Now WiJungle offers its services to more than 25 countries. It plans to expand to over 50 countries in the coming years. It also wants to improve its customer base to 10,000 in the next 18 months.

The company says that it does not have any direct competitors in this as it is the world’s first and only player to operate in this segment.

This B2B company offers various subscription plans like annual, triennial, and quinquennial to enterprises.

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