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Shocking: India’s cybersecurity in threat

Shocking: India’s cybersecurity in threat

Is India good in terms of cybersecurity? Are the mobiles and computers safe from malware attacks? Experts say ‘no’ to that.

According to the study of Comparitech, India is ranked in the 15th position in cybersecurity in the world.

The survey was conducted in 60 counties.

Comparitech is a network, security and privacy services portal. It provides information and comparison related to technology across the globe.

The study was conducted based on the following:

  • Percentage of computers infected with malware – the lowest was Denmark with 5.9 percent users and highest was Algeria with 32.41 percent users
  • Number of mobiles infected with malwares – the lowest was Japan with 1.34 percent users and highest was Bangladesh with 35.91 percent users
  • Number of financial malware attacks – the lowest was Ukraine with 0.3 percent users and highest was Germany with 3 percent users
  • Percentage of cryptomining attacks – the lowest was Denmark with 0.61 percent users and highest was Uzbekistan with 14.23 per cent users
  • Most up-to-date legislation – the worst is Algeria and the best countries that have up-to-date legislation are France, China, Russia and Germany
  • Percentage of Telnet attacks by originating country – the lowest was Algeria, Uzbekistan and Sri Lanka with 0.01 percent users and highest was China with 27.15 per cent users.
  • Countries best prepared for cyberattacks – Singapore is the best prepared country with a score of 0.925 and Vietnam is the worst with a score of 0.245.

The results revealed that India’s cybersecurity threat is in 15th place across the world. The cybersecurity of some neighboring countries is worse. Bangladesh stands at 6th position, Pakistan is at 7th, China is at 13th and Sri Lanka is at 14th position.

Overall, the worst country is Algeria. Japan is the most secure country in terms of cybersecurity in the world as per the study.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) released the Global Risk Report 2019 last month. It revealed that India is the largest country that suffered with data breaches due to ‘lax cybersecurity protocols’.

As per the report, over 1.1 billion Indians’ Aadhaar data breach was a result of this.

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