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Vihik – innovative cab services

Vihik – innovative cab services

As the need for efficient transport continues to increase, phone-accessible cab companies such as Uber and Ola came into play and started attracting commuters with their convenience.

However, recently, driver incentives have dropped, and these companies are having a harder time drawing in new people.

Thus, prices have risen as well, which detracts even more potential customers.

However, husband and wife duo Chaitanya and Sameera Duddu began a new startup called Vihik Cabs that is designed specifically to solve these problems.

It provides better incentives for drivers, better overall convenience, and more efficient communication between the drivers and the customers.

The Duddus have had experience working with transport and technology before, so they were confident when formulating this startup.

They added several options to the typical cab aggregator model to attract consumers. Customers can book a cab by entering where they want to be picked up and where they want to be dropped off.

They can then select a vehicle that they would like based on its price and the ratings on its driver. Customers can either contact drivers directly or set up a price bid for a trip in the Vihik Cabs app, which will be sent to all drivers in a five-kilometer radius.

A customer can also use the Vihikchatbot on Facebook to make the bid, which will send the request to the drivers.

Initially, Vihik Cabs did not acquire customers quickly. However, when they came out with an easy-to-comprehend video tutorial on the startup, more people were attracted to the wide variety of options and the overall convenience.

Vihik – innovative cab services

Vihik – innovative cab services


Currently, Vihik Cabs has over 1,000 drivers and over 7,500 customers, and there are 200 drivers in Hyderabad alone. They hope to gain about 2,500 customers by the end of this year, allowing them to reach 10,000 customers total.

With the cab transport market open for opportunities, the convenience and efficiency of Vihik Cabs is sure to draw in needy commuters.

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