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Make your dreams come true with uber dreams

Make your dreams come true with uber dreams

Although there might be some things that money just can’t buy, one team in Mumbai is working with all their might to shorten that list. With one stroke of luck and some amazingly skilled bidding talent, Uber Dreams possesses the ability to take pieces, put them together, and turn them into a stairway for one’s dreams.

Savan Daru, an expert in professional team building, once owned a travel business, which he had sold off However, everything changed when he became vice president for the then-new company Uber Dreams.

In the beginning, the company was just an idea, but now, they are a team of fourteen people working together to bring to masses experiences personal to them and able for them to afford.

It was built on a singular principle: to use tech in order to make little dreams of people come true.

The website Uberdreams.com is a website of auction and e-commerce, where one can bid to win extraordinary experiences. These are across different categories such as fashion, travel, and music, with the opportunities being meeting the people the celebrities they want to meet or traveling to the places they want to go.

All the proceeds go to a charity of their choice.

Bidding at the auctions is a process of three steps: one must sign up and verify one’s email identification, one must select a campaign, and then one must place one’s bid.

All of the auctions are time bound, with a start date and end date.

Some of the dreams they have caught include the fiber glass elephant sculptures by Bollywood superstars like Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan, among others.

Make your dreams come true with uber dreams

Make your dreams come true with uber dreams

All of these proceeds went to Wildlife SOS, where the funds will be utilized for an Elephant Rescue mission.

Operating in Mumbai and Pune as of currently, most of their services center around these hubs, but their products can be delivered throughout most of India.

In the meantime, they sense the pulse of their viewers in social media, clocking over 27,000 unique visitors in March.

Savan notes that the site seems to have caught attention and interest, and Uber Dreams will continue to grow big from here.

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