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VDeliver delivers anything you want

VDeliver delivers anything you want

VDeliver is a Hyderabad based startup. The company delivers everything for its customers. Its vision is to offer unique and one-stop micro logistics to all individuals, companies and SMEs.

VDeliver is a team of motivated people together to achieve something in the micro-logistics sector of India. At present, they are offering all pickup and delivery services in Hyderabad and only document deliveries in Chennai.

Hyderabadis can order food of their choice restaurants from VDeliver. It can be delivered to their door steps. They can order sweets, cakes, chocolates and gifts as well. VDeliver delivers all these items to the customers. Furthermore, office supplies like stationery, corporate gifts and other specific requirement of the customer’s choice can be delivered to them. The company also makes tailored solutions and customized deliveries to all individuals and companies.

All deliveries are made within the agreed timeframe. The company’s motto is “”Customer is God”. They strive to provide superior quality services to each and every customer at an affordable price. The company has a smart working team and deploy technology to get good results. Despite their best efforts, certain issues may arise regarding deliveries. The company tries to resolve these issues in an appropriate manner.

Customers need to register with the company to get delivery from the company. The registration fees is not refundable after it is accepted by the company. The company offers various packages for deliveries. Their VD Super Sonic and VD Special packages are meant for individuals and businesses. The former package assures delivery within 60 minutes and the base price starts at Rs.30 while the latter is meant for more fragile items and the base price starts at Rs.100.

Their business only packages include VD – 4 and VD – 12. VD – 4 assures the products to be delivered in 4 hours and the price beings from Rs.20 and VD – 12 assures delivery in 12 hours and the base price is Rs.15.

Image Reference: Vdeliver.in

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