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Ugaoo – A perfect place for gardeners

Ugaoo – A perfect place for gardeners

Ugaoo is like a utopia for gardeners. Here, gardeners can find many products with ease. Launched in Mumbai, Ugaoo is aimed at preventing people from buying unhealthy products due to easier accessibility. The ecommerce website provides products which helps satisfy all types of gardeners – from amateurs to professionals.

One can find a wide range of products in here including: Gardening seeds, garden tools and accessories, plant protection and growth, organic gardening, and gardening design ideas.

Ugaoo also provides a community for gardeners to share their gardening experience. Experts share their knowledge and techniques here for others to learn.

Ugaoo has been created by its parent company Namdeo Umaji Agritech Pvt. Ltd. Namdeo has a history of 130 years. They offered services to farmers and passionate gardeners throughout the country. They launched Ugaoo with the aim of getting closer to their readers and gardeners and help them with every phase of gardening.

The motto of the company is that anyone can easily plant and enjoy fantastic yield. They believe that this is the best possible way to serve people at remote areas all over the nation. Ugaoo wants to make more products accessible. They want to remove the non-availability of garden products, fertilizers, seeds and accessories.

Ugaoo acts as a platform which provides a lot of knowledge regarding gardening both to farmers and new growers. This knowledge comes from experts in the field. Finding information is easy for newbies now as they don’t have to worry about searching long. Many gardeners find it hard to buy the right products. They settle for unhealthy and unsuitable products because of availability problems. Here, you will be able to find the products you want with ease. If you are a passionate gardener, then this is a one stop solution for all your product and knowledge needs.

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